Press Release: IAF Applauds Passage of Historic SC Legislation Confronting Anti-Semitism

Press Release: IAF Applauds Passage of Historic SC Legislation Confronting Anti-Semitism

Washington, D.C. - The Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) applauds the State of South Carolina as they once again led the nation yesterday evening by legislatively addressing bigotry and discrimination in the form of Anti-Semitism. Antisemitism is a growing threat across the United States, specifically on college campuses, and this new legislation gives universities and law enforcement the tools they need to effectively identify and oppose unlawful discrimination.

“This is a massive public policy victory that comes at a critical time,” remarked IAF U.S. Director Joseph Sabag. “Studies prove that Jews are the most likely of all minority groups to suffer hate crimes. Given the dramatic increase in anti-Semitic incidents we see happening in the US and around the world, Rep. Clemmons and his many bi-partisan colleagues who worked tirelessly on this issue deserve great praise. Unfortunately, the few that opposed, such as Sen. Brad Hutto, have worked to benefit the forces of bigotry and intolerance. Thankfully the correct side won in this critical battle.”

“The IAF was honored to help lead the advocacy and surrounding educational efforts, as well as provided policy and legal resources to legislators for this effort,” remarked IAF Executive Director Daniel Williams. “Our mission, via our 37 pro-Israel Caucuses worldwide, and in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures, is to provide policymakers with the resources they need to craft sound public policy. Today those tools are being used to address the growing threat of discrimination and bigotry against the Jewish people and the State of Israel, and we couldn’t be prouder of what’s been accomplished here in South Carolina.”

This is not the first time SC has led the nation in the fight against bigotry and discrimination. In 2015 SC passed legislation, H. 3583, that prohibited the State from doing business with entities that support boycotts on the basis of national origin. Since then 25 States and a number of municipalities have passed similar legislation, ensuring states do not contract with companies that support the movement to boycott specific countries.

“Anti-Semitism, and the forces that have led to its resurgence, are not representative of the values of South Carolina,” remarked legislation author Representative Alan Clemmons. “This bill will provide our state, and hopefully the others that will soon follow suit, with the tools necessary to properly address a growing concern for our citizens. The bill, which enjoys both the widespread approval of the public and our legislators, will see South Carolina, once again, leading the fight against anti-Semitism in America.  I would like to thank all of my colleagues in the House and the Senate for their tireless work championing this critical legislation, and a special thank you to South Carolina Senator Larry Grooms and to our U.S. Senators Graham and Scott whose efforts in South Carolina and in the nation’s Capitol helped make this day a reality. The passage of this bill, as with the earlier passage of South Carolina’s anti-BDS law, will show our nation that our great state is taking the lead in the fight against a resurgent form of bigotry.”

Importantly, both pieces of legislation ensure that First Amendment free speech rights are not infringed upon in any way and remain fully protected.


The Israel Allies Foundation works with Congress and parliaments around the world to mobilize political support for Israel based on Judeo-Christian values.

Photo: SC Rep. Alan Clemmons // Photo Credit: IAF

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