The Jerusalem Call

 A Biblical Calling
At the heart of God’s covenant with Israel & the Jewish people’s historic ties to the land, lies the city of Jerusalem.

In Scripture Jerusalem is called “the city the LORD had chosen out of all the tribes of Israel in which to put His name” (I Kings 11:32, I Kings 21:7, 2 Chronicles 6:6); the Gospel of Luke records that Jesus openly wept over the city of Jerusalem, and we are exhorted in Psalm 122 to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Since David’s establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel over 3,000 years ago until today, Jerusalem has only been the self declared capital of the Jewish people.

Time Is Running Out
Successive U.S. Administrations have pressured Israel into making dangerous concessions.

In both past and present talks, the unity versus division of Jerusalem has been a core issue. Historically, Jerusalem was only divided from 1948-1967 during the period of Jordanian occupation after Israel’s War of Independence. While there are no positive examples of a divided city in modern history—the city of Berlin in particular serves as a stark reminder—the world continues to place Jerusalem on the chopping block all the same.

Act Now
Now, more than ever, Israel needs Jews and Christians worldwide to take a position by their side. We have the opportunity to turn the tide if we act now. Our mission is to mobilize a grassroots movement of faith-based political advocacy for an undivided Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel. The Jerusalem Call is a call to engagement, a call to advocacy, a call to stand with God’s promises to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem.

In a nation of liberty, we are blessed with Representatives in Washington elected to represent our views. It is therefore our duty as citizens to join our voices together and advocate for the safety and security of the only Jewish state in the world, the State of Israel.

You can make a difference for Jerusalem today!

Join Us - It is our goal to launch a grassroots network consisting of informed, empowered, organized and activated movements throughout the nation. We cannot do it without you! Contact us to receive more information about joining us in this effort. Check out our Events page to find Jerusalem Call events in your area. Previous Jerusalem Call's have been held in Dallas, Kerrville and Melissa, TX along with San Diego, CA. 

Advocate - Encourage our nation’s leaders to keep the promise they made in 1995 by passing the Jerusalem Embassy Act and to finally recognize a united Jerusalem and move our Embassy to Israel’s only self declared capital - Jerusalem. Log on here and write your Congressman today on behalf of Jerusalem’s future.

Give - Help spread the word across America with your generous financial support.

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