Dr. Dave Weldon, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Dave Weldon, Chairman of the Board

Honorable Dave Weldon, M.D.
Member of Congress 1995 – 2008
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Dave Weldon previously served in U.S. House of Representatives for 14 years, representing Florida’s 15th district also known as the “Space Coast,” home to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center.  During his congressional career, Dr. Weldon, a Christian, became very engaged in support of Israel as a member of the Foreign Operations Appropriations Subcommittee.

After the formation of the Christian Allies Caucus in the Knesset, Congressman Weldon was asked to form the first “sister caucus” in the U.S. House, which he did along with Democrat Co-Chair, Congressman Elliot Engle. He held that position for 4 years until his retirement from the U.S. House in 2008 when he assumed a position on the board of directors.  In October of 2018, Dr. Weldon was asked to become the Chairman of the Board.

After his retirement from the U.S. House, Dr. Weldon returned part-time to practicing internal medicine.  He has served on the board of directors of a variety of organizations to include the Space Foundation and the Alaska Aerospace Corporation.  Currently he is the president of the Alliance of Healthcare Sharing Ministries (also part-time) and spends some time teaching at Florida Institute of Technology where he holds the position of University Clinical Professor.

Dr. Weldon has been married to his wife Nancy for 39 years and has two grown children, David and Katie.  He is board certified in Internal Medicine; he also served on active duty as a Major in the U.S. Army Medical Corps and later was a reservist for many years.