Mission Statement / Mandate

The Israel Allies Foundation (IAF)  works with parliaments around the world to mobilize political support for Israel based on Judeo-Christian values.

We work to...
- Build an active global network of pro-Israel legislators
- Foster indigenous support for the State of Israel within Parliaments
- Facilitate inter-parliamentary dialogue
- Build formal and direct lines of communication between the government of Israel and Christian leaders worldwide
- Equip communities of faith for political advocacy

International Caucuses
One of the ways we accomplish our goals is through the formation of official parliamentary caucuses in support of Israel and the development of coordinated activities and policy priorities for these caucuses.
The IAF seeks to strengthen, facilitate and unify this coalition of parliamentarians who already support Israel by educating them on the issues facing Israel and by providing relevant information, resources and tools in order to formulate policy positions and legislative actions. What makes the IAF unique is the global network of member parliamentarians, creating a more effective influence from within parliaments of each nation and through a coordinated strategy among a group of nations.