IAF holds briefings on Iranian involvement in Latin America

IAF holds briefings on Iranian involvement in Latin America

During the first week of September, an IIACF delegation conducted meetings in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile to raise the issue of Iranian penetration in the region. The trip was organized in partnership with the American Enterprise Institute and issue expert, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roger Noriega.

The briefings were given to members of parliament in the various countries as well as high-level officials in the intelligence, security and police agencies, academics, businessmen and issue experts.   The goal of this briefing tour was to expose decision makers to the issues, showing them facts on the ground that are cause for concern.

The facts show that there is a substantial amount of suspicious activity going on in Latin America by Iran and Hezbollah.   Much of this activity is based in Venezuela where President Hugo Chavez is openly developing relations with Iran.  The briefings highlighted how Iran is, in some cases, using Venezuela to bypass sanctions imposed by the international community.  The information provided will be used by officials to investigate the extent of Iranian activity in their own countries with the assistance of Venezuela.

These events were also the beginning of a partnership between the IIACF and the Latin American Jewish Congress, who helped organize some of the meetings.  The IIACF will continue to work with the LAJC to bring together Jewish and Christian leadership in the region.

On the heels of these meetings, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suddenly announced that he would be meeting with the Jewish Community leaders in Caracas. 

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