Andrew Tucker international advisor

Andrew Tucker is an attorney with an expertise in international law. He also serves as the International Advisory for Christians for Israel International after formerly serving as their executive director for over a decade. Andrew established The Hague Centre for International Law and Public Policy in the Middle East, a think tank that contributes to the development of freedom and justice in the Middle East based on the rule of law. Andrew also serves as Legal Counsel to the European Coalition for Israel, where he is part of a team that advocates for the position and interests of the State of Israel under international law within the European Union and United Nations. He set up and maintains a global network of Christian leaders in more than 40 countries who educate Christians in their countries about Israel and the Jewish people from biblical, historical, and cultural perspectives. Tucker is also principal of Tucker & Associates, where he trains, advises, and consults people on international law and policy.

The BDS movement claims that boycott, divestment, and sanctions are necessary to pressure Israel to comply with international law, but international law does not support the claims of the BDS movement. On the contrary, both the BDS movement and the actions of states under the influence of the BDS movement violate the fundamental rights of Israel and the Jewish people under international law".

Andrew Tucker International advisor for Christians for Israel International