Dick saulsbury

Dick Saulsbury was one of the very first supporters of faith-based diplomacy; the idea that those who espouse Judeo-Christian values can channel their deep faith into effective political action. Since the establishment of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus in 2004 and later the Israel Allies Foundation in 2007, Mr. Saulsbury has supported a variety of initiatives which have strengthened the State of Israel and the well-being of its people. These initiatives have led to an enhanced relationship between Jews and Christians in the 21st century and the closest relationship that has ever existed between the United States and Israel. Dick Saulsbury was awarded the Ally of Israel Award by the IAF in 2019 at a Gala Dinner in Midland Texas. He is also a Member of the IAF’s Christian Advisory Board.

Dick Saulsbury in Israel
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