Jim showers

Dr. Jim Showers is the Executive Director and President of The Friends of Israel (FOI), headquartered in New Jersey. FOI is a worldwide Christian organization founded in 1938 by Christians determined to help Europe’s Jewish population. Jim is well known for his personal warmth, knowledge, and wisdom, devotion to the Lord, and sincere love for Israel and the Jewish people. In 2012, he developed the Hesed “Loving Kindness” Project, The Friends of Israel’s adult-volunteer program in Israel. Dr. Showers speaks at conferences, churches, and schools nationwide; is a frequent participant in events supporting Israel; and is a strong advocate of the country’s growing Jewish-Christian alliance. He also has helped to lead joint Jewish-Christian trips to Israel and is the leader of the bi-annual Friends of Israel Up to Jerusalem tours bringing hundreds of Christians to the Promised Land. Jim is the author of “Inside View”, a regular column featured in The Friends of Israel magazine, Israel My Glory. This magazine has a readership of nearly half a million in 147 countries.