Young Hoon Lee

Young Hoon Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea where he grew up in a Christian family. In 1977, he began his ministry as a pastor at Yoido Full Gospel Church. In 2008, he succeeded David Yonggi Cho as senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, which is now the largest mega-church in the world. In 2009 he became Superintendent of Assemblies of God of South Korea Yoido General Council. He is also the president of the Christian Council of Korea.

Dr. Lee’s steadfast support for Israel has led millions of people in South Korea to support the Jewish State. His church has participated in the Day to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem for over 10 years and often sends church delegations to Israel.

My “heart for Israel” has always been a result of my love of the Bible, which I started to develop from the very early years of my life. To me, Israel has never been “another” foreign country in the world, because it is the land of the Bible. I think all Bible-believing Christians have a special place in their hearts for Israel. My theological studies and pastoral experiences have also deepened and broadened my interest in Israel.

Dr. Young Hoon Lee Pastor, Yoido Full Gospel Church

Photo credit: Dr. Lee's Facebook page