Arutz Sheva: EU Israel Allies Caucus holds conference on radicalization in Arab-Israeli conflict

The Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) Europe together with Members of European Parliament Bert-Jan Ruissen and Cristian Terheș held a conference today in the European Parliament on “How to Stop Radicalization in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict” and the road to long-lasting peace.

The conference addressed various topics related to the EU’s role in combating the spread of radicalization and antisemitism, with Co-Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) MK Sharren Haskel as the keynote speaker. Other speakers included Director of Palestinian Media Watch, Itamar Marcus; Executive Director of Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism (ITC), Noor Dahri; Chief Executive of the International Movement for Peace and Coexistence (IMPAC) Nigel Goodrich; and Erik van den Berghe, Director of the Imelda-Institute, Molenbeek.

Indoctrination as a basis for radicalization and the role of proxies in the spread of antisemitism were among the themes discussed.

“The violent extremism and radicalization we are seeing begins in the Palestinian education system,” said Member of Knesset & KCAC Co-Chair Sharren Haskel. “October 7th terrorists were bred on a deep hatred for the Jewish People from as early as their kindergarten days. If the European Union continues to fund this kind of education and the salaries of those who disseminate it, there is, tragically, no solution to ending terror. A new level of scrutiny must be applied to the EU’s aid to the Palestinian Authority.”

“Radicalization is a looming danger, both in the Middle East and in Europe,” shared MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen. “It is often invisible until it suddenly comes to the surface and confronts many. The atrocities committed on October 7th are a terrifying example of what radicalization can lead to. The subsequent war in Gaza had a spill-over effect in Europe where we observed an increase in antisemitic incidents and radical threats. Our conference explored ways to halt radicalization by taking away the breeding grounds for radicalization both in Palestinian territories as well as in the EU.”

“There is no peace possible in the shadow of radicalization,” added IAF Europe Executive Director Leo van Doesburg. “The EU must cease funding Palestinian textbooks promoting incitement and antisemitic messages, compelling the PA to discontinue subsidizing convicted terrorists or their families. Additionally, the EU should formulate a comprehensive strategy to counteract indoctrination and combat the dissemination of antisemitism fueled by the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria, as well as its sprea in Europe.”

The conference took place on Wednesday, December 6th in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium to an audience of hundreds of MEPs, MPs from European countries, Christian leaders and NGO representatives.

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