Arutz Sheva: European Israel Allies Caucuses celebrate Jerusalem Day together

The day after the 55th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, a joint meeting of representatives of the parliaments of Slovakia and the Czech Republic was held in the House of Deputies in Prague. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Jan Bartosek, who is also the chairman of the Interparliamentary Friendship Group the Czech Republic - Israel, consisting of 74 members, the largest group in the Chamber. He spoke about strengthening the significance of the Czech diplomatic mission in Israel.

Israel’s Minister for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Ze’ev Elkin, spoke to the group virtually, showing them an archeological discovery of a 2,700-year-old seal inscribed with the words "Minister of Jerusalem", which confirms the ancient Jewish presence in the city. He also expressed gratitude to the Czech and Slovak legislators for their support for Israel. Other speakers included Israeli Ambassadors Anna Azari and Eltan Levon.

MP Miloslav Janulik, Chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus in the Czech Republic House of Deputies stressed the importance of holding joint sessions of both the Slovak and Czech parliaments, and highlighted that such events can help Jerusalem gain full international acceptance as the capital of Israel.

MP Peter Kremsky, chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus in the Slovak National Council, pointed to the recent opening of the Slovak culture center in Jerusalem in the presence of Slovak and Israeli ministers of Foreign Affairs, and suggested that there will be a strengthening of their diplomatic presence in Jerusalem in the future.

Mr. Karel Sedlacek, Director of the Czech Republic Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus, emphasized the role of mutual projects in defense and security fields which began in 1948 with Czechoslovakia providing military support to Israel and continues today with the supply of air defense equipment that Israel has been sending to protect the Czech airspace.

President of the Israel Allies Foundation Josh Reinstein said “Faith-based diplomacy is the most effective diplomatic tool that Israel has. Legislators with shared values can unite across borders and create a strong global voice in support for Jerusalem as the united capital of the State of Israel.”

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