Arutz Sheva: Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper receives Israel Allies Award

Canada’s 22nd Prime Minister, The Right Honorable Stephen J. Harper, addressed over six hundred Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel at the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) Gala Awards Dinner in Whitby, Canada, Thursday evening.

Harper was recently named third among the IAF’s annual list of Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies. Harper is well-respected by both the Jewish and Bible-believing Christian community for his commitment to his faith and the manner in which he defended Israel throughout his time serving as Canada’s Prime Minister.

Harper reflected, “I am deeply honored to be recognized by the Israel Allies Foundation in front of so many distinguished friends here at home in Canada. I am proud to continue to use my voice in support of the State of Israel, while addressing and forcefully denouncing the ongoing and very worrisome rise of anti-Semitism. My sincerest thanks to IAF for a very meaningful evening.”

The event was held in partnership with Canada Christian College, founded and led by Dr. Charles McVety. Sponsors of the event include prominent Jewish and Christian leaders from across Canada together with many pro-Israel organizations and ministries. Over 600 guests were registered to attend together with Canadian members of parliament, local leaders, rabbis, and pastors.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, was also a featured speaker at the event. Previously, Ambassador Erdan was a member of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC), one of 50 Israel Allies caucuses in the IAF network, during his time as a member of Knesset. While serving as Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs, he worked with parliamentarians around the world on combatting the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign. His commitment to Jerusalem and the communities in Judea and Samaria has earned him the respect of the Bible-believing Christian community.

“They say true friends are a rare blessing and I want to thank The Right Honorable Stephen Harper for being a steadfast friend of Israel and the Jewish people. When we stand up for what we believe and do not falter in our faith, we can achieve miracles. Under former Prime Minister Harper's leadership, Canada showed the world what it means to stand up for what's right,” Erdan remarked.

“The IAF empowers leaders around the globe to stand up for the truth through its important faith-based diplomacy initiatives. It is a pleasure to participate in this event with some of Israel's staunchest defenders to send the strong message that Israel's bond with its Christian allies is everlasting.”

IAF President Josh Reinstein said, “Of all the world leaders, Harper is one of the best examples of the importance of faith-based diplomacy. His deeply held beliefs and his outspoken defense of Israel on the world stage has earned him the respect of men and women of faith everywhere. We are proud to be bestowing upon him our highest honor, the Israel Allies Award. Given his bold support for Israel at the UN during his time as Prime Minister, it is especially meaningful that Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan has joined us as an honored guest and keynote speaker as well.”

President of Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies Dr. Charles McVety remarked, “It is my pleasure to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Christians and Jews to pay tribute to a great leader, The Right Honorable Stephen J. Harper, as he receives the prestigious Israel Allies Award. It is fitting that a world-class organization like the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) is honoring a world class leader like Stephen J. Harper.”

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