Breitbart: New Beginnings’ Larry Huch Ranks Top Christian Allies to Israel in the World

Pastor Larry Huch of the Texas-based New Beginnings mega-church topped the third annual list of Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies, released Sunday by the Israel Allies Foundation in honor of the Jewish Sukkot holiday beginning the same evening.

Coming in at number two is media personality Mike Huckabee, while former Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, moved up one spot from 2021 and now ranks Israel’s third top Christian ally.

Former United Nations envoy Nikki Haley, who defended Israel tirelessly at the global body, as well as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was instrumental in bringing about a string of pro-Israel policies in the U.S., are both included in the top ten list.

The list includes high-profile representation from Hollywood such as Pat Boone and Chuck Norris as well as lesser known leaders such as Reverend Otsuka of Japan, a Presbyterian pastor who heads the Holocaust Education Center which educates thousands of Japanese children about the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis.

The IAF is an umbrella organization that coordinates the work of 50 Israel Allies Caucuses around the world in order to mobilize political support for Israel based on shared Judeo-Christian values, a statement by the group said.

The network, which comprises some 1200 legislatures, includes the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, and the European Union Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus.

“It is Christians, not countries that stand with Israel,” IAF President Josh Reinstein told Breitbart News.

“Faith-based diplomacy is Israel’s most effective diplomatic weapon. The men and women on this list represent Israel’s greatest allies around the world,” he added.

According to IAE, the transfer of the U.S, Guatemalan and Honduran embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem direct resulted from the lobbying efforts of Christian lawmakers as well as Christian voters.

Pastor Sandor Nemeth, founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Church in Hungary, who ranked 13th on the list said that supporting the modern state of Israel “comes naturally” and should be “reflected in the life of every Bible-reading, God-fearing Christian believer worldwide, a self-evident reality.”

“What a blessing it is to see the fulfilment of the Zionist dream, the prosperity of Jerusalem, and the mutual benefit these relations bring to the nations globally,” Nemeth said.

Congressional candidate Tre Pennie, number 48 on the list, explained that his love for Israel and the Jewish people was “woven into the fabric of my being since I was a child.”

Pennie recalled that his grandmother, a Southern Baptist, admired the Jews for their support of Blacks during the Civil Rights Movement.

“She trusted that I would never forget and never did,” Pennie said.

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