Arutz Sheva: Israel celebration held in Guatemalan congress

Every year in May, the Congress of Guatemala celebrates the diplomatic relations between Guatemala and Israel. This was initiated five years ago with a resolution proposed by the Guatemalan Congressional Israel Allies Caucus to establish a “National Friendship Day Between Guatemala and Israel.”

This year’s celebration is especially festive due to Israel’s 75th anniversary and will include a celebration of Israel in Congress as well as the distribution of honorary doctorates to two Israelis by the Rural University of Guatemala.

Invited guests include Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala Yifta Curiel, Guatemala’s Minister of Education Claudia Patricia Ruiz Casasola, President of the Jewish Community of Guatemala Stephan Nathusius, Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) President Josh Reinstein, and IAF Latin America Director Leopoldo Martinez.

“We are honored to be joining the Congress of Guatemala to celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary. Immediately upon establishment, the Guatemalan Israel Allies Caucus took the lead in advocating for moving their embassy to Jerusalem, and just five months later, the Guatemalan embassy opened its doors in Jerusalem. We are proud to be part of this wonderful story,” said Martinez.

On Thursday, as part of the continued Israel celebrations, Congressman Dr. Fidel Reyes Lee, who also serves as Rector of the Rural University of Guatemala, will be presenting IAF President Josh Reisntein with an honorary doctorate in international relations at an event at the Hotel Las Americas in Guatemala City.

"The Superior Council of the Rural University of Guatemala, as a training center for higher education in the Republic of Guatemala, and aware of the impact that it has had on the economic, social, educational, and cultural development of the country for more than thirty years, is honored by granting the Honoris Causa Doctorate to Mr. Josh Reinstein, who is recognized worldwide as a leader committed to the defense, strengthening, respect, and dissemination of human rights which is characterized by promoting faith-based diplomacy and Judeo-Christian values worldwide,” said Congressman Lee.

“The Honoris Causa Doctorate, which is awarded by this house of higher studies to Mr. Josh Reinstein, constitutes another example of the commitment of the Rural University of Guatemala to recognize his academic career and the work developed in the fight and defense of human rights and the eradication in the world of all forms of discrimination," he added.”

Invited guests for this ceremony include Guatemalan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mario Bucaro, Minister of Education Claudia Patricia Ruiz Casasola, Minister of Agriculture Edgar René De León Moreno, Ambassador of Israel in Guatemala Yifta Curiel, deputies and members of the Guatemalan Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus and leaders from the Jewish community.

“I am very proud of this well-deserved recognition from the Rural University of Guatemala promoting faith-based diplomacy. When I served as Ambassador of Guatemala to Israel, I was able to see up close the work that the Israel Allies Foundation does, and especially its leader Josh Reinstein, promoting Judeo-Christian values ​​around the world," said Foreign Minister of Guatemala Mario Bucaro.

“It is a true honor to receive this honorary doctorate, representing the university’s first time highlighting the importance of faith-based diplomacy in support of Israel. Academic leaders are now joining faith and political leaders around the world in recognizing that supporting Israel is not just biblically and politically correct but also ethically correct,” said Josh Reinstein.

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