Israel Allies Foundation to Honor Dick Saulsbury

Hero dick salsbury

The Israel Allies Foundation is having a gala awards dinner in honor of C.R. “Dick” Saulsbury at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Odessa Country Club.

The dinner is hosted by the IAF Christian Advisory Board and the keynote speaker will be U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Saulsbury is set to receive the lifetime achievement award. Information about the event says Saulsbury was one of the very first supporters of faith-based diplomacy, the idea that those who espouse Judeo-Christian values can “channel their deep faith into effective political action.”

An Odessa American profile of Saulsbury said he reached the Permian Basin 60 years ago with a mechanical bent and a grinding work ethic that led to establishing his own electrical company and then an engineering and construction firm that now has offices in 12 cities of six states.

Saulsbury has supported a variety of initiatives that have strengthened the state of Israel and the well-being of its people, the information said.

Josh Reinstein, president of the Israeli Allies Foundation, said very few awards like this have been given. He said he believes this will be the third award bestowed and it is “very well deserved” by Saulsbury.

“Dick Saulsbury has been a real supporter of Israel. We felt like it was time to do something to honor him,” Reinstein said.

Cruz will be joined by several former members of Congress and Tommy Hicks Jr., the Republican National Committee co-chair.

The Christian Advisory Board is chaired by Tim Dunn of Midland, who Reinstein said is the host.

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