JNS: Congressional Israel Allies Caucus co-chairs criticize Amnesty report on Israel

The co-chairs of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus condemned on Friday a recent report by Amnesty International criticized worldwide for its inaccuracy and flagrant anti-Israel bias.

“We are deeply concerned by Amnesty International’s biased report on Israel, which inappropriately ignores history and context to smear the foremost democracy in the Middle East as an apartheid state,” caucus co-chairs Reps. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) and Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) said in a statement. “Israel has a right to defend itself, but Amnesty’s tunnel vision downplays the real problem: Palestinian intransigence and the constant terror threat from Hamas and other armed groups.”

As they explained, “Worse, it fails to recognize that the history of anti-Semitism, including the Holocaust, requires Israel to remain a safe haven and a Jewish state. This sort of rhetoric won’t do anything to solve the underlying problems and only gives talking points to radical extremists.”

The report, which was released on Tuesday, was also denounced by nearly every mainstream Jewish organization, in addition to Biden administration officials.

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