JNS: Top 40 Latin American pro-Israel advocates and leaders

The IAF's Latin America Dir. Leopoldo Martinez, together with our Colombian Caucus Co-Chairs and Guatemalan Caucus Chair, were included in the JNS "Top 40 Latin American pro-Israel advocates and leaders" this week. The JNS reports:

"Israel maintains full diplomatic relations with all the countries of Central and South America, and the Caribbean region (with the exception of Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela). In recent years, pro-Israel Latin American influencers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have further transformed the relationship.

According to surveys, nearly 20 percent of Latin Americans are evangelical Christians, as well as nearly 30 percent in Brazil and more than 40 percent in much of Central America. Evangelical support has been attributed to the election of pro-Israel Latin American governments and pro-Israel political decisions such as Guatemala’s moving of the country’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

As pro-Israel Christians and Jews in Latin America have made a large political and societal impact, JNS has compiled a list of such influencers, which is by no means exhaustive (or ranked), including seasoned and up-and-coming activists and leaders from all walks of life."

Leopoldo Martínez
currently serves as the Israel Allies Foundation’s Latin America director, working with pro-Israel parliamentarians and political leaders in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Prior to joining IAF, Martínez, a Venezuelan-American, worked as a researcher, writer and editor for political and economic Latin American issues in various organizations in Washington, D.C.

Edgar Palacio Mizrachi is a member of the Senate of Colombia and part of the IAF Israel Allies Caucus there. He has advocated for Israel’s legal right to the land, based on international law, and is an outspoken supporter of Israel and its guaranteeing of access to important biblical sites in Judea and Samaria for people of all faiths.

Paloma Valencia is a member of the Senate of Colombia, as well as a lawyer, professor and co-chair of the Colombian Senate Friends of Israel Allies Caucus, which aims to highlight the multi-partisan support for Israel in Colombia.

Fidel Reyes Lee is a Guatemalan congressman who has vocalized his unconditional support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. In 2017, he formed the Guatemala-Israel inter-parliamentary friendship group with Israeli Knesset member Hila Shay Vazan, garnering friendship and cooperation between the two countries. The friendship group is one of the largest in the Guatemalan Congress with 79 members.

Read the whole article and see the list on the JNS here.