JPOST: Christians from Africa to gather at Foreign Ministry in support of Israel

A group of pro-Israel Christians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will host an event next week in support of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi and his decision to open a trade office in Israel and to accept Israel into the African Union with observer status.

The event, which will be held at the Foreign Ministry, is a project of DR Congo Benit Israel – the local branch of Africa Bless Israel – in collaboration with the Congolese Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus and Christian churches and ministries.

Word of the event comes a week after Tshisekedi visited Israel and met with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, during which he made an announcement that his country would open a diplomatic and trade office in Jerusalem. The two leaders also discussed strengthening collaboration in agriculture, communications and trade.

“This is a major victory for faith-based diplomacy and shows why it is essential to continue strengthening Israel’s ties with Bible-believing Christians worldwide,” Israel Allies Foundation president Josh Reinstein said of Tshisekedi’s commitment to open the office in Jerusalem.

Tshisekedi, who also serves as chairman of the African Union, was one of the key proponents of granting Israel observer status in the AU.

The move received some strong pushback from a minority of the union’s 55 member states. South Africa, Algeria and several others criticized the move and called for a reassessment at last month’s meeting of the executive committee. The decision is set for reevaluation at the beginning of 2022.

“Our goal is to demonstrate popular and legislative support for the important work of our president and AU chair in strengthening ties with Israel,” said MP Didler Kabampele Ngabul, who will speak at the event. “Millions of Christians stand firmly behind the decision to include Israel as observers in the AU.”

Another MP, Henriette Wamu, said, “Africa stands to benefit greatly by proudly advancing diplomatic relations with Israel. As we know, those who bless Israel shall be blessed.”

Added Israel Allies Foundation Africa director Bishop Scott Mwanza, “We are indebted to President Tshisekedi for leading the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the African Union according to the principles of his Christian faith.

“The acceptance of Israel into the African Union has been a dream for Bible-believing Christians, and it finally has come to fruition due to the power of faith-based diplomacy.”

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