JPOST: Eitan Neishlos gives emotional testimony about Oct 7, global antisemitism

“I am this Jew, who is witnessing the reawakening of vile antisemitism masked in anti-Zionism. I am this Jew, who every day sheds a tear as my heart aches for the 239 Israeli hostages taken by Hamas terrorists into Gaza,” said Eitan Neishlos, the young Jewish leader, businessman, and philanthropist, at a reception held by the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) in partnership with the Jerusalem Post in the Capitol Building on Tuesday, November 14.

Neishlos, whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, told the audience of Congresspeople, Israeli representatives, and Jewish and Christian leaders of growing up as a grandson of Holocaust survivors, one of whom was saved from the Nazis by a devout Christian family who themselves were murdered by the Nazis.

Recounting the horrors of October 7, Neishlos continued, “I am this Jew, seeing dark images re-emerging, images I was sure only my grandparents would have witnessed - of Kristallnacht, of the Holocaust, of genocide, of pogroms.”

He added that “the unforeseen strength and unwavering belief of the hostages’ families is an inspiration to us all. I cannot fathom how they must feel at every waking moment and during thirty-eight sleepless nights. It is a living nightmare that is hard to comprehend.”

Hope for a better, peaceful future in the Middle East

Neishlos expressed his hope for a better future in the Middle East where Jews and Palestinians can live in peace and said that while antisemitism is surging around the world, he has experienced tolerance and mutual respect in Dubai, where he has lived since 2022. “I am a Jew who feels safe in a Muslim country, a country that shows the beautiful truth of Islam. A country that is part of the axis of peace and prosperity that stands firmly against evil and extremism.”

He praised the United States for its leadership and support of Israel and congratulated President Biden for his “historic speech that moved an entire nation, filling our peoples’ broken hearts with so much hope, as we watched the President reiterate his support for the Jewish State and reaffirm the unbreakable alliance between the US and Israel.”

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