JPOST: Global Christian lawmakers unite in solidarity with Israel

In an open letter, the chairpersons of Israel Allies Caucuses in more than 30 countries declared their support for Israel’s Swords of Iron War on Thursday.

“The people of Israel have endured relentless acts of terror and aggression by Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization that consistently undermines peace and stability in the region,” the leaders wrote. “Israel has demonstrated remarkable restraint and resilience in the face of continuous attacks on its sovereignty and innocent civilian lives. The operation, ‘Swords of Iron,’ represents a necessary response to protect the lives and dignity of Israeli citizens.”

The chairpersons included MP Miroslav Janulik from the Czech Republic, MP Riina Solman from Estonia, MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen from the European Parliament, MP Peter Ostman from Finland, MP Istvan Hillar from Hungary, MP Emanuelis Zngeris from Lithuania, MP Ion Groza from Moldova, and MP Don Cedar from the Netherlands. There were also MPs from Norway, Romania, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Liberia, Malawi and Nigeria, among other places.

'Prospects of peace and stability'

The Christian leaders called upon the global community to demonstrate unwavering solidarity with Israel for as long as necessary.

“We firmly believe in Israel’s right to defend itself and its citizens from acts of terror and aggression,” the MPs wrote. “The safety and well-being of any nation’s citizens are paramount, and Israel, like any other sovereign state, has the right and duty to take appropriate measures to ensure the security of its people for as long as they deem necessary.”

They added, “It is crucial that Hamas and all terrorist organizations are held accountable for their actions, and pressure is exerted to cease acts of violence and terror that undermine the prospects of peace and stability in the region.”

The Israel Allies Caucuses operate under the auspices of the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF), an umbrella organization overseeing the collaborative efforts of 53 international pro-Israel caucuses. These caucuses work collectively to garner political support for Israel, rooted in the shared values of Judeo-Christian principles.

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