JPOST: Madagascar initiates Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus

The African island country of Madagascar has initiated the formation of an Israel Allies Caucus for the country parliament, following the creation of numerous similar groups in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Republic of the Congo, according to a press release from the organization on Sunday.

The new caucus will be joining the Israel Allies Foundation’s (IAF) international network of pro-Israel caucuses, to encourage legislation for building Israel-African ties and fight the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The new Chairman of the caucus, Retsanga Tovondray Brillant de l’Or, spoke about the recent development and referenced his background as a Christian as a motivating factor: “I feel honored to be the first Chairman of the newly established Madagascar Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus. I feel it is a very big milestone in the history of our country that our parliament is showing solidarity with Israel."

"We hope to use this opportunity to support policy and legislation in support of Israel and fight BDS and anti-Semitism. What motivates and guides me to ensure our country’s good relations with Israel is what the Bible says in Genesis 12:3, that God will bless those who bless Israel,” Tovondray Brillant de l’Or added.

In light of the new caucuses formed in sub-Saharan Africa, existing parliamentary Israel Allies Caucuses exist in Uganda, Ghana, South African, Malawi, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Zambia.

Director of the IAF Africa Bishop Scott Mwanza highlighted the importance of improving Israel-Africa ties and fighting BDS and antisemitism via the use of caucuses in parliaments throughout the continent, saying “It excites me to see how much progress we are making in reaching out to many African Parliaments, encouraging them to join the IAF network and the global call to support Israel and its sovereignty. Combating anti-Semitism, BDS and all forms of discrimination against the Jewish people and the land of Israel cannot be accomplished single-handedly, but rather only through a wide international base."

"Africa is steadily joining this pro-Israel base with full support of this noble cause through policy and legislation promoted by the parliamentary Israel Allies Caucuses. We welcome the new Madagascar caucus with open arms and hope that it will make a great difference by adding to the growing number of African parliamentarians in support for Israel.” Mwanza is currently in the early stages of setting up caucuses in Botswana and Burundi," the Bishop added.

IAF President Josh Reinstein also claimed that these caucuses will help shift perceptions in Africa on Israel, noting that “Support for Israel in Africa is steadily strengthening, thanks to the work of the many African Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucuses. We now have over a thousand members of parliament united under the IAF umbrella, each encouraged to translate their Biblical support for Israel into real political action."

The IAF currently coordinates the activities of 44 Israel Allies Caucuses around the world.

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