JPOST: New Moldova Christian caucus launches to support Jerusalem

Moldova will inaugurate an Israel allies caucus in the parliament of Moldova in Chisinau on Wednesday.

The new caucus will comprise members of four different political parties committed to supporting the State of Israel and Jerusalem as its capital. The caucus will also fight against BDS and help combat antisemitism.

“By establishing this caucus, Moldova joins a global network of parliamentary support for Israel, sending a powerful message of solidarity and friendship,” said Joël Lion, Israeli ambassador to Moldova. “Your dedication to strengthening the bond between our two countries is commendable.

“I am confident that this caucus will serve as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration.”

MP Ion Groza will chair the caucus, which joins more than 50 allied caucuses worldwide, and 19 in Europe. Some 1,500 parliamentarians are involved in Israel caucuses. The Israel Allies Foundation was founded in 2006.

“I believe that shared Judeo-Christian biblical values are an important basis upon which to strengthen relations with Israel and to combat antisemitism,” Groza said in advance of the event.

The event will be attended by Israel Allies Foundation president and Knesset Christian Allies Caucus director Josh Reinstein, who flew out Monday to join the event in Moldova. In addition, Israel Allies Foundation European executive director Leo van Doesburg will attend.

The Israel Allies Foundation empowers pro-Israel, faith-based legislators worldwide to support the country through faith-based diplomacy.

Strengthening ties between Moldova and Israel

Van Doesburg said Moldova’s “commitment to strengthening ties with Israel sets a positive example for other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. I believe that Moldova can play an important role in our European Israel Allies Network. I look forward to discussing the impactful ways we can work together to support Israel.”

Lion said Israel and Moldova share a long history of friendship and cooperation despite their distance because of their shared values of democracy, innovation, and cultural heritage.

“Moldova has shown unwavering support for Israel on numerous occasions, and for that, we are grateful,” he said. “Through this caucus, members of parliament will have the opportunity to engage in constructive discussions, exchange ideas, and deepen their understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Israel and Moldova.”

He said he also expects the caucus to catalyze enhanced bilateral relations between Israel and Moldova.

“Together, we can explore avenues for economic cooperation, share best practices in areas such as technology and innovation, and collaborate on cultural and educational exchanges,” Lion said.

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