The Jewish Voice: Former VP Mike Pence Addresses Israel Allies Foundation Gala Dinner in Dallas

Former U.S Vice President Mike Pence addressed hundreds of Christian supporters of Israel at the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) Gala Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening, October 6th, in the Dallas-Forth Worth area of Texas. Pence has deep ties to the IAF, having served as a member of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus during his time as a Congressman. He was recently slotted as number one among the IAF’s annual list of Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies. He is also well-respected by the Evangelical community for his commitment to his faith and the manner in which he defended his religious values throughout his public service.

He added that, “Under the Biden administration and voices of the radical left in Congress, gatherings like this are more important than ever before. The bipartisan consensus that once supported the US- Israel relationship has begun to erode in one of the two major political parties in this country.

Leading democrats in the House of Representatives recently tried to deny funding for the Iron Dome in Israel after a hailstorm of rockets had descended on the people of the State of Israel. And our current vice president told a student at George Mason University that “their truth should not be suppressed” when they accused Israel of ethnic genocide. It must be the position of the United States of America that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

Pence concluded by pointing out a truism that is often neglected. He said, “Jewish Americans are proud of Israel, but I will tell you that love for Israel echoes out of every little buckboard church, beside every cornfield across the heartland of this country.”

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S and UN Gilad Erdan was also a featured speaker at the event. Ambassador Erdan was a member of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC), a branch of the IAF, during his time as a member of Knesset. While serving as Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs, he worked with the parliamentarians in the IAF network on combatting the anti-Semitic boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign. His commitment to the settlements in Judea and Samaria has earned him respect among the Bible-believing Christian community.

In his address, Erdan told the assemblage, “The BDS movement which seeks to demonize Israel is actively fanning the flames of anti-Semitism with the help of its supporters in Congress and European parliaments. In the face of the lies that some spread about Israel on Capitol Hill, I know that we can count on you to be our Iron Dome of truth. The critical work that you do to support Israel around the world creates a lasting impact of immense proportions. For that the State of Israel could not be more grateful.”

He added that, “the Israel Allies Foundation is one of the most important pro-Israel organizations in the United States and around the world. As a young politician, I joined the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus as deputy chair. I vividly remember advocating for Israel’s relationship with its Christian allies to become a national priority.”

The evening’s honoree was Herzl Makov who received the Israel Allies Award for his loyal dedication to Israel, as demonstrated through his previous roles in the IDF, the office of the Prime Minister, the Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organization and especially in his current role as CEO of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.

IAF President Josh Reinstein said, “Herzl has dedicated his life to defending the values that the IAF holds dear. He speaks proudly of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Jerusalem and of the right for Israel to exist within secure borders, and as such is a worthy recipient of the Israel Allies Award. We are honored to have such esteemed speakers at this event, who all demonstrate a commitment to faith-based diplomacy, which is Israel’s most successful tool in international diplomacy. ”

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