Huch Larry

Pastor Larry Huch is the founding pastor of New Beginnings Church in Dallas Texas. He hosts a hit show, New Beginnings, on the Daystar Network and is a member of the IAF Board of Directors.

Pastor Huch has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to work in Israel, supporting Holocaust survivors, ambulances, planting trees and supporting the advocacy work of the Israel Allies Foundation.

In December of 2019, Pastor Larry traveled with the IAF to Jerusalem for our annual Chairman's Conference where he participated in a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel. In February Pastor Larry was awarded the highest honor the State of Israel bestows on Christians when he received the lifetime achievement award for his 40 years of support of the land and people of Israel.

KCAC Night to Honor Huch

I really believe 1,000% that God drew my heart through the ambulances and other things to help save Jewish lives, and God saved my family’s lives. As it says in Genesis 12, God blesses those who bless Israel.

Pastor Larry Huch Founder & Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Church