Huch Larry

Pastor Larry Huch is the founding pastor of New Beginnings Church in Dallas, Texas and leads one of the largest television ministries in the world. One of his key missions is to teach Christians about the Jewish roots of their faith and give support to the Jewish State. Larry Huch Ministries has generously supported a variety of initiatives in Israel such as faith-based diplomacy, aliyah, support for Holocaust survivors, emergency medical organizations, bomb shelters, the IDF, among many others. In December 2019, he traveled with the IAF to Jerusalem for its annual Chairman's Conference and met with the Israeli Prime Minister and 30 governmental leaders from around the world. In 2020, Pastor Larry was awarded the highest honor that the Knesset bestows on Christian leadership, when he received the Lifetime Achievement Christian Allies Award for his 40 years of support for the land and people of Israel. This year Pastor Huch was the first-ever recipient of Keren HaYesod’s John Henry Patterson Guardian of Zion Award.

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Karen Ha Yesod Award