Ray Bentley

Pastor Ray Bentley founded Maranatha Chapel in 1984 teaching a mid-week Bible study in a recreation center with 30 people. Today Maranatha serves 7,000 people weekly, and Ray Bentley is considered a prophecy expert, published author, and hosts his own daily radio show.

He created The Nehemiah Fund which supports non-profit organizations dedicated to increasing aliyah to Israel and providing tangible assistance to Israelis. This fund helped build a state-of-the-art Radio Communications Center in the city of Ariel, which services as a remote communications hub broadcasting educational content and also informs the residents of specific procedures in the event of a local or national emergency. They also helped build the National Youth Leadership Development Park. There, youth participate in a program which incorporates spiritual disciplines with physical challenges—encouraging them to look to the Scriptures for true leadership values.

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My love for Israel ignited with Genesis 12:3 where the Lord says “ I will bless those who bless you… And through you I will bless all the nations.

Pastor Ray Bentley Founder, Maranatha Chapel & The Nehemiah Fund