Pat Boone

Pat Boone is a world renowned singer, actor, TV host, producer, songwriter, author, motivational speaker, TV pitchman, radio personality, record company head, TV station owner and sports team owner. He has sold over 45 million records. He is a committed Evangelical Christian and vocal supporter of Israel. Having taken over 20 trips to Israel, he’s brought thousands of Christians with him. In 2018, he hosted a 70th anniversary gala at the Jerusalem Theater to celebrate Israel and its achievements. During the event he performed with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. He is well known for writing lyrics to the movie Exodus’s theme music. He has performed many times in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and even in a bunker in the Golan Heights. He has also worked with organizations to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Israel.

Photo credit: Pat Boone Enterprises

Every time I am in Israel, the pages of the Bible come to life. Israel is not just the past, but the present and future.

Pat Boone Actor and Businessman