Rev. Dennis Nthumbi is an Israel-loving ordained pastor and reverend, and an accomplished leader experienced in politics, governance, and security. With a successful track record as the Israel Allies Foundation Africa Director, and alongside prominent figures like His Excellency William Ruto, he possesses exceptional diplomacy skills and a deep understanding of international relations. Recognized as a national security commentator, Dennis combines strategic thinking, strong relationship-building abilities and expertise in political risk analysis and governance. Nthumbi currently oversees 16 Israel Allies Caucuses as the Israel Allies Foundation’s African Director.

I have been engaged in fighting for Israel’s right to exercise its birthright independently, without seeking approval from anyone, for over 15 years. Every sane nation on earth must throw their support towards Israel and demobilize the hate, and also send great love and care in all visible ways including moving their embassies to Jerusalem the capital of Israel. God bless Israel.

Rev. Dennis Nthumbi