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The vision of the Israel Allies Foundation Europe is to equip and empower Christian and Jewish politicians and legislators with information related to Israel and its role in the Middle East; and to encourage, develop and strengthen relations with like-minded politicians across Europe.

Goals of IAF Europe

  • To raise awareness of and combat antisemitism in all its forms, and to implement the IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition of antisemitism.
  • To promote an understanding of Israel and its role in various contexts, including Israel’s relationship with its neighboring countries, the power structure of the Middle East, and Judeo-Christian values.
  • To equip and empower faith-based politicians with up-to-date information on current topics related to Israel and its role in the Middle East.
  • To encourage and establish relations between like-minded politicians and parliamentarians of different nations.
  • To publish policy papers about important topics related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Context Analysis


It is evident that society is quite polarized when it comes to Israel, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Israel’s role in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the anti-Israel sentiment is becoming more dominant, resulting in a rapid increase of antisemitism, hatred against Jews and the development of new forms of antisemitism, particularly in Western Europe.


Polarization is also apparent in debates on issues related to Israel taking place in international parliaments, including the European Parliament. Discussions are marked more by negative framing than by constructive debate. Because of these emotional and negative frames, it is increasingly difficult for Christian and Jewish politicians to stand up for Israel. Therefore, there is a great need for objective analyses of the situation, and a concentrated effort to restore positive, constructive discussion.

Activities of IAF Europe

  • Developing policy papers: In cooperation with international legal experts we focus on complex topics related to Israel.
  • Providing up-to-date information on relevant topics: The situation in the Middle Eastern region is very turbulent. Therefore, timely up-to-date information is vital on an ongoing basis.
  • Creating communication amongst politicians: It is important to create communication structures where politicians can share experiences with one another and unite in European initiatives.
  • Organizing annual network events: The IAF organizes an annual European Policy Summit and an International Chairmen’s Conference offering briefings on current issues and the opportunity for international parliamentarians to meet and network.
  • Organizing regional meetings in Europe and IAF Europe events.
  • Organizing educational meetings and conferences in different countries about issues related to Israel and combating antisemitism.
  • Facilitating educational visits to Israel to meet Israeli politicians and experts.
  • Encouraging and supporting projects initiated by local Jewish Communities and other non-Jewish activists that are endorsed by the Israeli embassy.
  • Establishing a network of experts and NGOs to provide us with expertise and information on various Israel-related issues.
  • Developing an IAF Europe website with information about the IAF and its network as well as news and in-depth articles.
  • Developing a social media strategy to share information about important issues related to Israel and antisemitism, as well as ongoing IAF Europe activities.
  • Encouraging relations between Jewish and Christian faith-based communities.

Our Organization

IAF Europe is a local partner of IAF (international), but is independently financed by individual donations from private people or organizations. It is not a member of nor associated with any other organizations. Foundation (Stichting) Israel Allies Foundation Europe was founded on the 21st June 2022, registered under number 86725149 in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (UBO). Furthermore, it is registered under number 090804049414-19 in the Transparency Register of the European Commission, European Council and the European Parliament.

Organizational structure of IAF Europe

The IAF Europe Board includes: Josh Reinstein (President), Bas Belder (Secretary) and Andras Patkai (Treasurer). Leo van Doesburg works full time as the IAF Executive Director.

Board members do not receive compensation for their activities; they are only allowed to declare the actual expenses incurred. Employees receive a salary commensurate with their experience and education. The salaries are comparable to those of other organizations. RSIN 864065000