Israel's Allies 2023 - Creating a diplomatic Iron Dome

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Since October 7th, our network of 1,500+ legislators worldwide have worked to create a diplomatic Iron Dome to stand with Israel. Across North and South America, to Europe, across Africa and Oceania, Israel's allies have spoken out boldly for Israel. This faith-based diplomatic effort led to...

  • Immediate statements of support for Israel and condemning Hamas from our Israel Allies Caucuses worldwide - as separate bipartisan caucus statements and as a unified voice of support
  • Legislation passed unanimously in European countries condemning Hamas and Iran
  • Nations in Europe and Africa looking to move their embassies to Jerusalem as a sign of solidarity
  • Hearings in the U.S. Congress chaired by Congressional Israel Allies Caucus Co-Chairs addressing UNRWA antisemitism and the radicalization of Palestinian youth and one European country voting to cut funding to UNRWA
  • Speeches in the media, on the House floor and on the floors of parliaments worldwide declaring unequivocal support for Israel’s right to defend itself. See here, here, and here.
  • Briefings, conferences, and solidarity events educating legislators about the facts of Oct. 7th and empowering them to take action
  • Congressional Israel Allies Caucus Co-Chairs calling for a weekend of prayer for Israel where Jewish people across the country prayed for Israel in synagogues on Saturday, and pro-Israel Christians gathered a prayed in solidarity on Sunday
  • The legislators in our network have introduced practical legislation to ensure Israel has the tools it needs to defend itself
Africa delegation to temple mount
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Photo Credits, Top: Perry Bindelglass
Photo Credits, Bottom Photos, Left to Right: Maayan Hoffman, Perry Bindelglass, IAF